5 Positive Language Tips That Will Make Your Customers Happy



Creating a positive experience for your customers don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg and really is a quick fix start to happier customers.


Having your staff use positive language when dealing with customers immediately starts the process of building rapport. It lets your customers know what you CAN do instead of what you CAN’T do. Your customer feels that you are willing to help and that you care, and that’s all any of us want.


Here are 5 Tips for positive language that you and

employees can start using straight away:


Tip #1:

Don’t say: “I don’t know.” Rather say: “Great question! Let me find out for you.”


Tip #2:

When a customer asks where a certain item or department is, don’t point and say: “It’s over there.” Rather say: “Come with me and I’ll show you where it is”.


Even just taking the customer to a point where she can see the department/merchandise she’s looking for is far better than just pointing in a general direction.

If the employee cannot leave the department, let the employee explain to the customer that he/she will get a colleague to escort her.


Tip #3:

When the customer complains the queues are long or there aren’t any assistants on the floor, don’t say: “There is no budget for more staff.” Rather say: “I do apologize. Let me help you sort this out at once”


The customer really doesn’t care about your budget constraints, and rightfully so.

Tip #4:

When a customer asks for the store manager, and the store manager is not in the store at the time, don’t just say: “The store manager is not in.” Rather say: ” The store manager is not available now. Can I get the duty manager to assist you”?
Depending on the size of your store, if you have more than one duty manager, let your employee ask the customer the reason for wanting to see the store manager. That way, you can ask the most suited manager to assist the customer, thereby assuring that the customer gets the best service from the get-go.


Tip #5:

Don’t say: “We don’t have the product in stock, and I don’t know if we’ll be getting any more.” Rather say: “I can source the product from one of our other branches/supplier. Would you like to collect it in-store or can I arrange delivery for you?”


The great thing about positive language is that it’s contagious and hopefully before you know it, everyone in your business will be using it. Your customers will love it for sure!