You Know What? I’ve Got This!

Photo by Tai Jyun Chang on Unsplash

I’ve never been a great talker or writer for that matter. All my life I’ve always been inclined to do far more listening than talking and far more reading than writing. If you go and look it up, the stats vary from site to site, but I think the consensus is clear .. women speak on average double the number of words per day than what men do. So, to put this in perspective as far as uttered words per day go, there are women, then there are men, and then there’s me. Yup, I’m right at the bottom. As a matter of fact, you can press the enter key a couple of times after men and before me. Like this:

Spoken words per day:









This most probably has something to do with my childhood. For a bit of background, not only was I extremely timid and shy as a child, I was also sickly and small for my age. Whenever we went somewhere with my mother, the grownups would always pat me on the head, remark on how small I was and then either ask me how I am or some other random question. The problem was, by the time I had opened my mouth to answer them, they were done patting my head and had moved on to talking to the grown-ups. This planted the seed that people are not interested in what I have to say.



I have gained loads more confidence since then.


Working with customers and dealing with staff kind of does that to you. Working in retail, nothing gives me greater pleasure than connecting with customers and staff and building rapport and close relationships. Over the years I have come to be comfortable training, from large groups of people to one-on-one sessions with individuals. As a leader, I am confident and assertive, I initiate conversations, I coach, I guide, but all of that is work related…


I’m not scared to try new things either. I have bungee jumped off a 216-metre-high bridge and on my bucket list is skydiving, shark cage diving and a plethora of wild and wonderfully dangerous things. I moved to a city 1652km away from my home to marry a man I met on the Internet, I started my own business …scary, scary things, but I had no problem doing it. 


Circling back to me starting a business, there was (and still is) so much to learn and absorb and truth be told, this journey has been far more exciting than it has been scary, but there’s one part of being a business owner that I did not anticipate and that is Social Media and blogging.





All of a sudden, I have to put myself out there on all these Social Media platforms. You need to engage with your audience, you need to grow your audience, you must have a blog on your website to drive traffic … and all the advice is the same: “Listen to your audience’s pain points, that will give you great ideas for content; research topics” etc. etc. I get it. I get the importance of putting your business out there BUT I AM FREAKED OUT BEYOND BELIEF. Are all of you that’s handing out this advice stark raving mad?? No one wants to listen to what I have to say, no one cares about what I have to say?! So, DON’T come and tell me how easy it is, IT IS  NOT! Not for me anyway.


The crux of the matter is, in this digital, virtual age, no one is going to know just how great I am at what I’m doing, no one is going to know how much value I can add to their business, no one is going to know how much I care about helping people UNLESS I go and put myself out there.


So, this is it … this blog post is the hardest thing I have had to do in a very long time, but I did it. This post might not have added value to you or your business today, but stick around, I have a feeling this is going to get interesting.


I’ve got this!